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We have made a new mobile application called

We have made a new mobile application called

Recently, our company designed and programmed the mobile application. The application is designed to provide the latest information from Austria, Germany and Switzerland and advice on work and life in German-speaking countries.

The application is available for free in the official Google Play store for Android devices from version 4.4. Thanks to our solution, the user has the opportunity to read articles and guides on their mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Additional options such as the intelligent search engine and favorites system allow you to easily reach the content you are interested in and increase the convenience of using the application. Automatic push notifications mean that no article from subscribed categories will miss you.

When creating the application, we used the latest available technologies and solutions on the market. Among them, we can distinguish Xamarin, C#, PHP and Firebase Cloud Messaging. The entire system is based on three main modules:

  • mobile application module in Xamarin technology,
  • Joomla software plugin that allows applications to communicate with content management systems,
  • Joomla software plugin that adds the ability to send push notifications.

Together, these modules have enabled a very fast and efficient solution that makes the application stable and efficient.

We encourage you to download and install the application on your own mobile devices.


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